Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Honey Topped Salmon Fillet

Honey Topped Salmon Fillet

The first fish dish I had in the United States was this Salmon with Honey. It made me convert from a devoted fish-hater to a fish-lover enthusiast. The credit for this recipe and my exciting conversion goes to my dearest friend Ada. I usually serve cooked vegetables in the side. Rice also makes a good side dish for the Honey Topped Salmon.

Note: This dish is not as sweet as it sounds. So don’t let the honey part scare you. Honey eliminates the fish smell and gives the salmon a teriyaki like taste.

4-6 servings
Preparation & Cooking Time: 60 minutes on 350°F


1lb Fresh Salmon Fillet: I usually get the whole amount in one piece. You can also use Salmon steaks (more than one piece) the only difference is that you should cover both sides of the steaks with honey.
3 tbs Honey: You may need more than 3tbs. It depends on the size of the fillet. So use as much as you need to cover the skinless side of the fillet.
1 Onion: Average size, sliced (optional)
No Oil: I do not use oil. Salmon has enough fat in it.


Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper: just enough to season the salmon.
3 Garlic Cloves: crushed or sliced (optional)

Side Dish:

3 Carrots: Average size, cut into julienne stripes
1-1½ lb Mixed Small Red and White Potatoes
2 tbs Canola oil
Some Black Pepper


1- Preheat oven to 350°F. Rinse the Salmon fillet. Then genteelly dry the fillet with paper towel.

2- Season the salmon with salt, pepper and garlic powder. A quick reminder: we only season the skinless side of the fillet.

3- After using slat, pepper and garlic powder, use a sheet of aluminum foil to cover an oven safe dish or tray. Use a dish large enough so the fillet fits easily. Place the seasoned fillet in the dish. Pour the honey on the fillet so it covers the fillet. You can use the back of a spoon to spread the honey. It is important to use the aluminum foil since burned honey does not clean off easily.

4- On the top of the honey you can put some garlic cloves. I usually bake some onions in the same dish next to the fish. No Oil is needed. Place the salmon in the oven. It is ready after 50 minutes. Check the dish from time to time, so you can control the crispiness of the Salmon.

Side Dish:

I usually prepare the side dish before the salmon. I put it in the oven from the beginning of the preheating process.

1- Wash the potatoes and carrots thoroughly.
2- Skin the carrots and slice them in stripes. Do not slice potatoes.
3- Grease an oven safe dish and place the potatoes and carrots in it. Use some oil to grease the veggies on the top. Pepper them and put it in the oven. They will be ready in about 40 min. I like the carrots to be a little bit dryer; that’s why I put the side dish into the oven before the salmon.

نوش جان
(Noushe Jan)
Bon Appetit!


jsa said...

Looks great, can't wait to try making it myself... you and Hossein should come over some time for Indian food.


Tameshk said...

Dear Jayadev

If you make the salmon, Please let me know how it turns out. And Yes, We should get together! Hossein and I both love Indian food.

jeerjeerak said...

roja joonam,
i want to make a carrot cake. for weeks now i'm looking into recipes online and now i can't choose from the zillion recipes out there. HELP! HELP! even if you have not made carrot cakes yet, still i'd look forward to your recommendation:)

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam

I know what you mean; there are thousands of carrot cake recipes.

I bake a very simple Carrot cake; strangely I don't have any pictures of it to company the recipe on Tameshk In Kitchen, yet. Next time I should take some pictures.
I will send you my recipe tonight.

jeerjeerak said...

Hi there! I was passing by to write down your honey salmon recipe. thought i say a salm too:)